Youth Services

Storytime for Ages 3-6

Young Children will enjoy coming to the library once a month for storytime fun. We read stories, sing songs, do crafts and have a snack. The program begins at 10:00 A.M. and lasts about an hour. Call the library for dates. Registration is required

Library Programs for Ages  7-12

Older Children will enjoy this monthly program that is scheduled for one Saturday of each month at 10:00am. These events are geared toward school age children and include books, crafts, snacks and FUN. Programs begin at 10:00am and conclude at 11:15am. Call the library for specific dates.  Registration is required

Child Safety Policy



Since the library is a public space, open to everyone, it is NOT a safe place to leave young children unattended.  Additionally, shelving, equipment and furniture can pose a hazard to active children.  There are areas of the library where library staff cannot visually monitor activities and behavior.  There are times when the Children’s area is not staffed or monitored for safety.  This area is for use by children and their families and care givers.  All others will be asked to use adult areas of the library.


Parents and care givers, NOT library staff, are responsible for the actions and safety of children visiting the library.  All children under 12 years of age must be closely supervised by a responsible parent or guardian at all times.  If the parent or guardian is using the public internet computers, the child must be monitored.  Exceptions may be made for scheduled programs supervised by library staff, but only during the structured portions of the program.


If a child 12 years or older is left in the library for study or homework, a staff member must be notified and emergency contact information left.  If the child will be using the internet computers, a parental permission slip must be on file (required for children under 16).


The library staff is not permitted to escort children home or wait for pickup after regular closing.  The library staff may assist the child in contacting a parent or guardian for transportation.  If the child has not been picked up by closing time, the Sheriff’s Department will be contacted.  The officer may wait with the child, contact the parent or transport the child home.


Any questions concerning this policy may be referred to the Library Director.


Please Contact:

Marlene Bosak, Youth Services – (850) 243-5731

Please include in subject line “Children’s Classes”